"Thanks for help. I think so too, but I have no idea how or even if it 
is possible. The WXPSP2 Client with user authentication is not able to 
authanticate against the freeradius. There is not even a request 
arriving on the freeradius. If I toggle to "Identify with 
ComputerInformation if possible" there is at least a request arriving at 
the radiusserver. It takes some time, but it works. After the 
Authentication with computer Information, its not possible to 
authenticate a second time with the user information. How do i have to 
configure the client correctly to realize userauthentication? Or do I 
need to reconfigure the server?"

I know it sounds stupid, but you have set up the correct radius type for 
port based authentication ?

There's two on the HP procurves,


show authentication

Via the CLI

and it should give you something looking like this.

* *Status and Counters - Authentication Information


  Login Attempts : 3

  Respect Privilege : Enabled


              | Login      Login      Enable     Enable

  Access Task | Primary    Secondary  Primary    Secondary

  ----------- + ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------

  Console          | Radius     Local      Radius     Local

  Telnet | Local       None       Local      None

  Port-Access   | EapRadius

  Webui            | Local       None       Local      None

  SSH               | Radius     Local      Radius     Local

  Web-Auth      | ChapRadius

  MAC-Auth    | ChapRadius

Need to make sure Port-Access is set to EapRadius, else the switch won't 
pass the eap messages through correctly.

If it's on Chap

aaa authentication port-access eap-radius
write mem


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