Dear members,
Thank you so far for your help, but I guess I have do describe my problem a 
second time. I try to set up a security solution for a network using 
freeradius. I want to port authenticate all Clients on a HP Switch and assign a 
vlan to each port dynamically. The WXPSP2 Hosts are members of a samba Domain, 
and this is the problem. I'll try to describe what is happening:
If i configure the WXPSP2 for using login Username and pwd for network 
The host is booting and the switch asks EAP-Request. When I enter the username 
and pwd, windows opens "Can't find the domain controller" and finishes. This is 
logical, due to the fact that the Host is not legal and has no ipadress. There 
is no EAP Response from the Host to the switch to get an ipadress. So this is 
not working. I think there has to be a mechanism that reads in username and 
pwd, answers the eap request, get an ip adress and gain contact to the domain 
controller. after this the login on the domain could be done with the entered 
Login-information. Have you any hint how to implement such a mechanism, or have 
you ever done something like this? I can't imagine that i am the first one, 
having this problem.

The work arround would be to configure network-authentication with the 
In this case, the WXPSP2 Host boots, gets connection to the switch, switch 
sends eap-request, and the host answeres with the computer information. Now the 
Host has port access to the switch and could gain ip adress. Now login on samba 
would be possible. The bad thing is, that every legal domain computer has 
automaticaly access to the network. ok that would be a minor disadvantage, but 
I can only authenticate the client one time (the switch asks only one time for 
authentication). If access to the port is granted, there is no second need for 
the switch to ask again. But i want to assign a vlan ID dynamically, depending 
on the USER, not on the Computer. A vlan assignment to the switch by the samba 
domain controller seems to be impossible because the swich doesn't participate 
the communication between host and samba domain controller in the same way it 
does between host and radius.

Could you give me a hint how to exit this desaster?

Thanks and regards - Christian

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