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i have been reading archives and tying to understand for some days now, but
unsuccessful. i am currently working to extend data volume control up to
10GB, which is requirement for the organization. Is anyone able to manage
more then 4GB using CoovaChilli & Freeradius? Since there is no one piece
of information available on the net. Until now, i am unclear about the
components needs to be fine tune. i understand that FR has 32 bit integers but
it is not the limitation to manage more than 4GB, if NAS supports the
"Gigaword" attributes. It seems that my "sql_counter" or MySQL it self is
the problem.

*NOTE: It is working setup up to 4GB, if i assigne 6GB to a user, counter
rolls up on 4GB*

1.) I came across a post where guys are tell that sqlcounter module uses
32-bit integers in it's source code. Should it be change to 64-bit integers?
2.) CoovaChilli has built in support for "gigaword" attributes, which is
3.) is it possible by rlm_sql or rlm_perl must be used
4.) Counter rolls up on 4GB.

sqlcounter gigawordcounter {
            counter-name = Total-Max-Octets
            check-name = Acct-Input-Gigawords
            reply-name = Acct-Input-Gigawords
            sqlmod-inst = sql
            key = User-Name
            reset = never
            counter-type = data
            check-unit = KibiOctets
            query = "SELECT SUM(acctinputoctets) + SUM(acctoutputoctets)
FROM radacct WHERE username='%{%k}'"

Thanks / Regards
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