> It might actually be an idea to add those to the internal dictionary to make 
> it a bit easier.

Just to clarify there are two reasons why your current config isn't working:
1. rlm_sql stores the value as a proper 64bit integer, not in the two 32bit 
chunks represented by Acct-Input-Gigawords and Acct-Input-Octets. When this 
value is pulled out into rlm_sqlcounter the value is truncated because 
internally it only deals with 32bit unsigned ints. I've now fixed this.

2. You're comparing gigawords to bytes, with no conversion, so even with the 
updated module you'll find the user is rejected way way too early.

You also invented "counter-type" and "check-unit" config pairs. The server 
isn't magic, just because it doesn't error out, doesn't mean it knows about 
those config pairs or will use values assigned to them.

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