On 10/10/13 15:03, a.l.m.bu...@lboro.ac.uk wrote:
>Samba 4 is lurvely... apparently 100% compatible with existing AD 
installations, although, as always, it's a bit finicky and info is a bit thin on 
the ground (and I've not written up a guide when I set my test environment up that 
uses an S4 server for EAP-MSCHAPv2). But at least it exists on RHEL/CentOS as a 
it can also BE an AD master etc.  anyway, you dont know how tempting
it was to "yum install samba4" on our production system;-)

I'd certainly like to see some samba3.x versus samba4 benchmarks in
this sort of context

This morning I upgraded a couple of our radius servers from samba 3.6.9 to 4.0.0-rc4. It works, but it's not yet clear how much of an improvement it makes. Early indication is that it helps spread the load more evenly between domain controllers at peak times, but it is by no means the magic bullet.

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