Hi Ben

we find the CC as the region where there is the largest left/right WM 
connection. We then orient it to be vertical and find principle directions, 
and divvy it up into however many segments you want (I think the default is 
5 but this can be changed). We then grow it out laterally as far as your 


On Mon, 19 Feb 
2018, Benjamin Yeske wrote:

> Hello Freesurfer Experts,
> I was looking through your website to see if I could find any info/papers 
> that explained what
> landmarks you use for segmenting the corpus callosum, but I couldn't find 
> anything on the topic.
> Could you please point me to a paper or resource that explains how freesurfer 
> captures the corpus
> callosum and what landmarks it use to segment it out? We'd like to be able to 
> hand check this region
> for accuracy in our TBI patients brain scans.
> Thank you,
> Ben
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