Are you getting a 0.8mm isotropic T2w or FLAIR?  You would probably get better 
mileage out of a different type of scan that can help exclude dura and blood 
vessels if you aren’t already getting one.  Also what coil are you using?  I 
might prefer a TI=1000ms simply because it spreads the CSF, GM, and WM 
histogram peaks out a little more evenly, whereas 1060 will have GM and WM 
closer together than GM and CSF.



 on behalf of Alessandra Macbeth 
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Date: Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 1:29 PM
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Subject: [Freesurfer] Collecting 2 T1s Best?

Hi there,

I know in the past, it was recommended to acquire 2 T1 scans so that they could 
be averaged for better SNR, etc. in order to improve cortical thickness and 
surface area measurements. Is this still the recommendation? We have a few 
extra minutes in our scanning protocol and are debating whether to include a 
2nd T1.

Our parameters are: MPRAGE with .8mm^3 voxel size, slice thickness of .8, FA = 
8 degrees, TR = 2400ms, TE = 2.72ms, TI = 1060ms.


Alessandra Macbeth, M.A.
Doctoral Candidate - Department of Psychology
University of California, Riverside
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