Hi Matt

I'm sorry to hear it. I've never heard of anything of ours deleting the control.dat unless you run recon-all with the appropriate -clean switch.

I don't know an easy way to recover them. Do you need them back? You could
do something like copy the subject, run the intensity normalization on the copy, then look for points that are exactly 110 in the old (control-point-normalized) brain.mgz and the new one without control points, that are also wm in the aseg.mgz. This won't be exactly the control points, but would let you rerun without losing too much if that is what you are worried about


On Tue, 12 Jun 2018, Matthew Peverill wrote:

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Hi all,Sorry for the bump but I wanted to take one more shot at this. We're 
making it back but we've
lost many, many hours of editing work. Has anyone else had experiences with 
QAtools, or other
FreeSurfer utilities, removing control point data, or discovered any way to 
recover control.dat from
other files? Thank you,

On Mon, May 21, 2018 at 11:35 AM Matthew Peverill <mrpever...@gmail.com> wrote:
      We are finishing up manual inspection and editing of our dataset. As part 
of this
      process, we used QATools to generate QA reports. While we were running 
our reports the
      tmp/control.dat file was deleted from many of our subject directories 
(the brains had
      already been recon'd, so the corrected surfaces were not affected). The 
timing certainly
      suggests these were related, but we have no way of knowing if something 
else unrelated
      to QAtools happened that caused these files to be deleted. So two 

1) Has anyone else had an experience with QAtools where the control.dat file 
was deleted, or
have any insight about why this could have happened?
2) Is the data in control.dat stored anywhere else? For example, can it be 
from mri/ctrl_pts.mgz? We are mostly fine, but a few brains will need to have 
control points

Something of a shot in the dark, but we would love any suggestions. Thanks,

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Matthew Peverill
mrpever...@gmail.com (preferred)

Matthew Peverill
mrpever...@gmail.com (preferred)

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