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Hi Douglas,

I checked dicom headers by using ‘dicom_hinfo’ command to get the
information of the acquisition time that each frame was acquired.

dicom_hinfo -tag 0008,0032 *.dcm

Here is the information of the acquisition times:







The number of slices is 90 in each tau PET data, so each dicom file has
been acquired at one of the acquisition times. (ex: ADNI3_tau_001.dcm
16:40:08, ADNI3_tau_002.dcm 16:50:08, ADNI3_tau_003.dcm 16:40:08, ...
ADNI3_tau_90.dcm 17:00:08)

ADNI3 dyamic PET has made up with 6 frames, and each frames took 5 min.

So, I think that I can create ‘time.dat’ as below:

164008 164508 165008 165508 170008 170508

Do I use this information? Or should I change anything for making the ‘

Thank you,



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This is the time at which each frame was acquired. It is just a list of
times in seconds in a text file. You will  have to go to the person who
collected the data

On 8/30/2019 10:25 AM, Chanmi Kim wrote:

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I'd like to perform MRTM2 approach in ADNI3 tau PET data for partial volume
correction (PVC).
So, I've tried to do a command line as below.

mri_glmfit --y km.hb.tac.nii.gz --mrtm1 km.ref.tac.dat time.dat --o mrtm1
--no-est-fwhm --nii.gz

The 'mri_glmfit' required 'time.dat' which is an information of the time
activity curve (TAC), however, I don't know how to get this information.

Can you please let me know how to get this information?
Please share any examples of 'time.dat' If there is anyone who has
experience in  PetSurf PVC,


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