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I normally use mris_convert --combinesurfs for generating STL files from the 
lh.pial and rh.pial. When running Freesurfer on my local computer, there are no 
problems with this approach and everything is perfect.

However, the lh.pial and rh.pial files I get when running Freesurfer through 
fMRIPrep are much larger (about 3-4x bigger than the ones I get locally). This 
makes the STL file I get through mris_convert also much larger. The file size 
is too big for me to use.

I discovered that mris_convert has a scale option using -s. I tried putting -s 
0.1, expecting the file size to be reduced 90%. But no matter how little I set 
the scale to be, the file size is only reduced 1 to 2%. Does anyone know how to 
properly reduce the STL size using mris_convert? I would really like to avoid 
having to install a third party software to do this.

Thanks a lot!
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