On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 4:39 AM, Chris Liddell
<chris.lidd...@artifex.com> wrote:
> Using C99 types, with sane fallbacks makes sense, but using the more
> invasive parts of C99 (like mixing declarations and code) could be
> problematic.

This is basically what FreeType is doing already. FreeType gains speed
from "long long" on LLP64:
We suppress the long long warning while enforcing ANSI otherwise. This
does not cover Visual C++ unfortunately, which still needs
FT_CONFIG_OPTION_FORCE_INT64. I would actually propose flipping the
option to _AVOID_INT64 for ancient platforms and embracing long long
by default.

Here is anther place where we use embrace long long, again leaving
Visual C++ behind:

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