> (2) Please tell us exactly how you try to compile.
> Two ways I use to compile.
> Firstly, I use the nmake on the cmd on Windows.
> Secondly, I use jam on cmd on Windows to complie.

Uh, oh, this doesn't help.  I want the *exact* command you are typing
on the command line, together with its output!  I also need the
directories of your installation (i.e., where and how you unpacked the
zip archives for both FreeType and the demo programs), where you
started the compilation, etc., etc.

Just pretend that you want me to reproduce your issue step by step.

> (3) Please show us exactly what error messages you get – no images :-)
> When I use the nmake the error is this:
> makefile(9): fatal error U1033 : syntax error : '=' unexpected
> Stop.

This is expected.  If you had read the `docs/INSTALL' file, you would
have seen the warning that you need GNU make (or makepp, a replacement
written in Perl).

> When I use jam the the error is this:

Which jam version?  For FreeType, you need the one from


Note also that this tool is not maintained currently (but it should
basically still work).

> graph\ grdevice.c (3): fata error c1083 : Cannot open the include
> file : 'stdlib.h': No such file or directory . There are many errors
> like this .

Again: I need the *exact* command you type on the command line, and
the *exact* and *complete* list of error messages, ideally attached
(and compressed if too large) to an e-mail.

In case you are not familiar with the concept, please look up how to
do redirection of stdin and stderr to a file on Windows 7's command

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