He’s out of his friggin mind.  There are those who feel that the risk arising 
from the stultification of our political system was so bad that it justified 
taking this sort of existential risk (Hey, Dave!), but I am not one of them.  
Small interesting things ARE starting to happen, (meetings amongst scared 
non-crazy people in congress) and I am grateful for those, but whether they 
will develop in time to rescue us, is by no means certain.  



People keep offering me as comfort the fact that the South Koreans aren’t 
worried …. 30 million people on the edge of obliteration from conventional 
shells full of sarin.  Why does that not comfort me?  


No, we are back to the Cuban Missile Crisis. 





Nicholas S. Thompson

Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Biology

Clark University


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What's the matter with your president? I am worried we are heading to the 
apocalypse. The "fire and fury" threat feels like the Cuban missile crisis or 


And then there is the issue of global warming which the Trump administration 
ignores now. This is not just one apocalypse, it is two.





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