The US can always do nothing considering its awesome power.


Wiping out a nation or two seems would cause the greatest global shame for 

Should America use unimaginable power to subdue a noxious mosquito?

The compulsion to use such power is frightening.


North Korea has no forcing move to play, it does not have a Sente move.(from Go 

Only bluff…


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>From BBC a reasonable summary:


My question is simple: what *are* the alternatives? Is there an interesting 
game theoretic analysis?


The toughest part is that South Korea is being held hostage. NK can devastate 
SK even if hit with a pre-emptive strike.


As rash as Trump's bluster has been, the real question remains: what is the 
reasonable response to NK's threat.

- Preemptive Strike? Likely a loser unless it is so massive as to obliterate 
every human in NK. SK would be seriously damaged in the aftermath.

- Wait 'til NK strikes? Again, hardly reasonable.

- Anti-missile defense? Possibly, but you just gotta miss one for apocalypse. 
And what do you do if you *do* succeed? SK is still hostage.

- Tit for Tat? Well, only in the bluster game. Our threats will match yours & 
vice versa.


Has anyone heard of an interesting strategy?


   -- Owen



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