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>> When several hypotheses are presented to our mind which we believe to be
>> mutually exclusive and exhaustive, but about which we know nothing further,
>> we distribute our belief equally among them .... This being admitted as an
>> account of the way in which we actually do distribute our belief in simple
>> cases, the whole of the subsequent theory follows as a deduction of the way
>> in which we must distribute it in complex cases if we would be consistent.
>> -- W. F. Donkits.
> The epigram by W. F. Donkits in this paper is apparently the only place
> his name appears on the internet.

The proper attribution is
W. F. Donkin, Prof of Astronomy, Oxford
May 1851 Article XLVII
Phil. Mag. S. $. Vol. 1. No.5. May 1851.
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