On 17/09/16 06:00, oldk1331 wrote:
I want to have
    print "a string"
insead of
    print("a string"::OutputForm)
when I am debugging.

I tried to add a "print : String -> Void", but not successful.
What's the right way to do it?

I also asked about something like this in thread here:


In this thread I think the long term solution is given by Waldek:

Waldek Hebisch wrote:
> I thought about easier debugging printouts
> from Spad and I see the following possibilities:
> - teach Spad compiler to allow "open types", that is types
>  for which compiler can infer type of parameter.  That
>  would allow something like:
>    print(x)
>  with Spad compiler automatically choosing appropriate
>  overloaded version of 'print' matching type of 'x',
>  after a single import like:
>    import from PrintPackage1(?)
>  where '?' means that we allow all types of arguments.
> - Use infix operator plus overloading for printing, like:
>   d_out << "abc" << 1
>  with overloaded versions of '<<' it could print any type.
>  Note: to avoid a lot of imports that requires either adding
>  '<<' to all domains or "open types" like above.
> "open types" would require change to Spad compiler.  Using '<<'
> with explicit import is just matter of writing appropriate
> package.  In principle we could add '<<' to SetCategory or
> even to 'CoercibleTo(OutputForm)' (using conditional export
> in 'CoercibleTo').

I hope a solutions like these can be implemented, I don't have the knowledge to do anything myself.

Martin B

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