On 09/17/2016 07:13 PM, Kurt Pagani wrote:
>>> Function:  -? : % -> % is missing from domain: NonNegativeInteger
>>>    Internal Error
>>>    The function - with signature $$ is missing from domain
>>>       NonNegativeInteger
>> This is a good thing. The negation of an element of NNI is not in NNI
>> unless this element is 0.
> Yes, of course, but there never was such a function up to 1.3:

> ...

> Now compare current (trunk) ...
>  -? : % -> % if $ has ABELGRP

Ooops. Then I wonder how you could have compiled -n for n being in NNI
before version 1.3. Maybe formerly the compiler silently did some
coercion to Integer and later retracted that back to NNI. If that is/was
the case, then I am strongly against it.

I'm still in the class of people who don't like the compiler inserting
coercions. Maybe I would change my mind if such insertions are done on
the basis of a good theory. But even then I don't know whether I want
it. Maybe I simply made a programming mistake and the compiler then via
coercions produces code that compiles but might not do what I want.


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