Your discussion showa a problem which disturbs me since long: In
AXIOM/FriCAS we are try to be as general as possible, having
non-associative and non-commutation structure. Every commutative
structure is a special case of the general non-(neccesarily)
commuatative structure, every associative structure is a special case of
the general non-(neccesarily) commutative structure and so on. This make
it complicated for new users, because they get hundreds of functions and
might have no clue, what is important and what is not.

All general functions as leftRecip and rightRecip are superfluous as
soon we have a recip, associator is superfluous as soon we have an
associative structure, also it should not disappear. My suggestion to
help the novices to use FriCAS is that at least for the )show command we
should have some mechanism to hide such functions. 
Another example is D - operator for finite fields, which always gives 0
and so on. 

Suggestion for the compiler-language:


with only labelling these functions as "hided", - but of course for
consistency, being usable, if one has to, e.g. for validity of general

Would this be difficult to implement? We also should have a concept for
a standard way in every domain to generate elements and so on. All
effords to make FriCAS easier to use.


Am 02.02.18 um 08:34 schrieb oldk1331:
> On Fri, Feb 2, 2018 at 2:42 PM, Ralf Hemmecke <> wrote:
>> On 02/01/2018 02:46 AM, oldk1331 wrote:
>>> We can add default implementation of 'leftRecip', 'rightRecip'
>>> to be 'recip' in Group.
>> The patch
>> looks fine to me, but I think, it should be extended, because it doesn't
>> solve my original problem with Fraction Integer.
>> In fact, we should at least implement left/rightRecip in each place
>> where recip or inv is implemented. DivisionRing is, for example, such a
>> candidate. I have, however, not yet done a complete search for all such
>> candidates.
>> Ralf
> I suppose CommutativeRing is the right place.

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