> This make
> it complicated for new users, because they get hundreds of functions and
> might have no clue, what is important and what is not.

I think this is an issue of lacking documentation.
If only we can have extensive documentation for each
Domain/Package (and in different formats: in source code,
in HTML format, in PDF format).

Not only we are lacking good documentation for users,
but we are also lacking documentation for developers.
I think it requires at least 100k lines of documentation to make
FriCAS well documented.

I take a look at python's library reference book, it is 1920
pages long.  FriCAS's code base is a fraction of that, so
a comprehensive library reference manual of FriCAS is
expected to be several hunderd pages long.

A good starting point would be to improve our "user guide",
under src/doc/htex/ug*.htex .

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