On 02/02/2018 09:53 AM, Prof. Dr. Johannes Grabmeier privat wrote:
> All general functions as leftRecip and rightRecip are superfluous as
> soon we have a recip, associator is superfluous as soon we have an
> associative structure, also it should not disappear. My suggestion to
> help the novices to use FriCAS is that at least for the )show command we
> should have some mechanism to hide such functions. 
> Another example is D - operator for finite fields, which always gives 0
> and so on. 

That's a good remark. Alas, that will be hard to implement.

In fact, I wouldn't want to hide those functions, rather give enough
information to the compiler such that it can generate such code so that
the user can decide in the user interface (HyperDoc, for example)
whether s/he wants to see all functions or only the the non-superfluous

Then there is another problem. If we have 3 structures A < B < C (the
bigger the more specialized) and function a from A is made superfluous
by b from B, and further b is made superfluous by c from C, then the
user interface should probably show that a is made superfluous by c.
And we should perhaps show superfluous functions in a different colour,
so that the important functions are easier to spot.

Currently I would have to do that colouring by hand.

Maybe the compiler can at least do something for a case like this, i.e.,
types and arguments agree.

foo: X -> Y
bar: X -> Y

bar(x: X): Y == foo x

Then bar could be tagged as "superfluous function".
I don't know whether that covers already more than 70% of all the cases.


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