Atul Gohad wrote:
Hi Niklas,

Thanks for the information.

I tried to do a source code build ( 564084 Revision ) on my Windows XP box,
with Maven 2.0.5, and am getting a few errors due to the unit tests. ( like

Is there a way so that I can mask the unit tests during the maven install
option. I am more interested to see the jar packaging structure of the
compiled source code. I am pretty new to the maven way of working and am not
getting a headway on how to do this.

You can run "mvn -Dmaven.test.skip=true package" to get JARs without running the unit tests.

Could you also please ZIP up the core/target/surefire-reports folder and send it to me off-list? That way I can try to fix the tests that break for you (they should work consistently on any machine).


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