Hi Paul

Brandon, Paul (MED US) (EXT) wrote:
 I am hoping someone can help me with an error that I am getting. I have
 set up the Apache FTP server to do Explicit FTPS (i.e. Implicit=false
 ftpd.properties file). I have created a self signed certificate for
 testing and imported it on the client machine. When I connect, I get
SSL/TLS client handshake failed (Error = 0x80090308)
     SSL: The token supplied to the function is invalid

Do you get this error on the client? What client are you using? Does the FtpServer log say anything?

 Since this looks like a certificate error, I obtained a trial
 certificate from Verisign and installed it with the same results. I
 also attempted an Implicit FTPS connection from the client with the
 error (with the ftpd properties file set to Implicit=true) . I can
connect and transfer files using FTP.

So, implicit mode works but not explicit?


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