Atul Gohad wrote:
Hi Niklas / all ,

Just had a question. Will the Apache FTP Server get affected in case we are
using the upward versions of SLF4J v1.4.3 and Mina framework.

I am not so sure on the coupling between Mina and Apache, and the impact
that it might have when we upgrade to higher versions of mina, rather that
the currently bundled 1.0.2? Understand that the SLF4J upward mobility
should be fine, as that is a light weight component, however, let me know if
my understanding is wrong.

Both MINA and SLF4J have been very stable when it comes to upgrades. I just updated our versions to SLF4J 1.4.3 and MINA 1.0.7 and ran our tests succesfully. The change has been checked into SVN.


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