Atul Gohad wrote:
Hello Niklas / All,

Thanks on the information. Have further 2 points to be clarified:

1. Understanding is that all of the Mina 1.1.* versions are for Java
5.0compatibility, so then is Mina
1.0.7 equivalent of Mina 1.1.4?

No, I believe that there has been additional improvements to the 1.1 branch. As we try to maintain a Java 1.4 compatibility, we'll remain on the 1.0 branch for now.

2. Is it safe to assume that Mina 1.1.2 will be supported?

I haven't tried so I won't know for sure. I'm guessing (very) minor updates on our end might be needed.

Additionally what part of Apache FTP Server funtionality needs to be
regressed so as to confirm compatibility with the latest of Mina? Any
information on specific test cases to be executed / areas to look into will
be helpful.

I usually try to run our JUnit tests, they should give a fair workaround for the server. Then, different FTP clients work in different ways, which causes different behaviors on the server. But, over time we try to improve our tests by adding these type of cases as well.


Thanks and Regards,
Atul Gohad.

On Oct 31, 2007 2:22 AM, Niklas Gustavsson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

 Atul Gohad wrote:
Hi Niklas / all ,

Just had a question. Will the Apache FTP Server get affected in case we
using the upward versions of SLF4J v1.4.3 and Mina framework.

I am not so sure on the coupling between Mina and Apache, and the impact
that it might have when we upgrade to higher versions of mina, rather
the currently bundled 1.0.2? Understand that the SLF4J upward mobility
should be fine, as that is a light weight component, however, let me
know if
my understanding is wrong.
 Both MINA and SLF4J have been very stable when it comes to upgrades. I
just updated our versions to SLF4J 1.4.3 and MINA 1.0.7 and ran our
tests succesfully. The change has been checked into SVN.


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