Most, if not all, of these should have "Suppress If Empty" turned on. Depending of your version of FusionPro, it will be inside your Text Editor. By doing this all data from your input file containing nothing in a particular field will be suppressed and the adjacent data will move over and replace the empty space.

As for the Suffix Patch... create a new rule and replace/insert it onto the end of the naming line of text where you would have placed Field("suffix");

if (Field("suffix") == "")
        return "";
        return ", " + Field("suffix");

Hope that helps.



On Jun 13, 2007, at 8:28 AM, Steve Blatman wrote:

<salut> <first> <mi> <last>, <suffix>
<title> <title2>
<company> <company2>
<city>, <state> <zip>

The comma in the first line between <last> and <suffix> needs to be
present if and only if <suffix> is not empty and <suffix> is not "II"
or "III". (Other possibilities for suffix include Jr., Sr., Esq., and
various degree and certification designations, all of which need the
preceding comma, but the comma needs to be absent if there is no
suffix, or if the suffix is II or III.)

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