var Addr
if(Field("Address_1") && Field("Address_2"))


if((Len(Field("Address_1")) + Len(Field("Address_2")) + 2) > 30)

                        Addr = Field("Address_1") + "\n" +


                        Addr = Field("Address_1") + ", " +



            Addr = Field("Address_1")

return Addr 

I'm trying to look at the length of the two lines and decide when to
create another line or keep both on one. It seems to work in the rule
editor, but won't when placed in the document.

Thanks for any help.... Rob
Rob Seaver | VP Business Development
The ADAM Group | TAG Marketing and Recruiting(tm) | Home Care >> Hospice
866.232.6477 | F: 866.232.6470 |

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