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> > Hi everyone.
> > Just emailing to check that everyone's OK and not suffering too much
> > at the moment. I know different countries are largely doing the same
> > things as one another -- and I'm working from home for the
> > foreseeable.
> Western politicians are sick. From here:
> https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/?fbclid=IwAR1ge4wDYvw_la-z2L2PTb8Rg0AIUC8tGNgvq668jSGyHhApStSXIMBJLuo
> these statistics shows only the identified cases.
> Total c. Death p. Recovered p. Active c. Cases/1Mo pop
> Switzerland 6,746 79 15 6,652 779
> Italy 53,578 4825 6072 42,681 886
> China 81,008 81,008 71,740 71,740 56
> In Switzerland, even the biggest hospitals have no rapid tests like in
> China. If you are not between life and death, they just send you home
> with no diagnostic, with not even a protection mask, but with the
> consign to come back if things are going worst for you. I know that
> because we have two cases at home. They are better now and keeping
> improving. They will be fine. I am fine too. As much of us, I just
> get barking during 2 weeks with a few sporadic and fugitive instants of
> fatigue, but I am just fine now.
> That statistic show than, if you are sick enough to get into the
> hospital, you have more risks to die than to survive in Switzerland.
> Even Italy is doing a much better job.
> Politics are sick peoples. They last but not least message was "It
> is time to loan money to the banks. If you cannot afford to pay
> back into the future, the Confederation (our taxes!!!) will assume that
> debt and pay the bank." After decades of eugenics economical policies
> against the public sector, that virus is turning their system into
> physical eugenics. That virus will maybe be the one that will put the
> Swiss system on its knees. We will see.
> > I really do hope no one's suffering and feeling unwell. Let's keep
> > in touch, please.
> For now, is it spring and the weather is just fine. We are working and
> having a good time in the garden, the kitchen is full of food and
> we will more die of eating than of that virus.
> I hope everyone of you and your families will be fine!
> Dominique

Best wishes to all FVWM developers from Hegel3DReloaded (NsCDE, Miroslav ...)
from Zagreb.

To add insult to injury, my town experianced large earthquake early this
morning - biggest from y1880. Until yesterday, situation with corona was
pretty much under control, but now we have contradicting instructions:
"stay at home" vs. "get out from houses" specially old center of the town.
I'm on the south in new steel-secured new building, but my parents are in
center. I will probably have to get them at my place for a couple of days
and take care of them. They are near 80, so this is additional risc in
this sureal pandemic times.

Thomas, expect delays in cooperation with debugging fvwm3 this days. :-)

Additionaly, I'm working my IT jobs from home, things seemed as tight
but good plan for overcoming pandemic times, but now will be even more

We need a good Window Manager for post-apocaliptic times. And FVWM is the best!

Miroslav (Hegel3DReloade, NsCDE)

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