2012/7/16 Thomas Adam <tho...@fvwm.org> wrote:
> Isn't this in the XDG spec as to which menus appear where, in
> categories?  I'm sure it is.
That's right. The process (the python-xdg lib) which generates the menus
follow this. But fvwm-menu-desktop only calls the methods for each menu
found in the system. The structure which sub menus appear per menu is hard
coded IN the xml menus not in the fvwm-menu-desktop code.

>> One possibility could be to create the menus and then search for double
>> entries, eliminate them and if a menu is empty delete it. But the actual
> No.  That's just admitting to not wanting to fix the problem.  :)
That hush me ^^

>> In the next days I will present a fvwm-menu-desktop config tool based on
>> FvwmPerl which shows all founded menus on the system and let the user
>> decide which menu/menus she/he wants to create and how.
> That might be useful longer-term, but I think I'd rather see the
> basics of this menu generation working first of all.
The basics work - you can generate all menus, some of them, single ones.
Plus, the config tool is finished already. Needs only some tests ... On my
Debian all works. On Fedora also ...


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