Style * SnapGrid 4 4
  EdgeResistance 500
  Style * EdgeMoveDelay 500, EdgeMoveResistance 128
  EdgeScroll 0 0


 * Create on page 0 1 and align it with the top of the screen.
 * Move the pointer to the top of the screen too.
 * Use some keyboard shortcut to start an interactive move


1) Because the pointer is at the top of the screen, it's
immediately in the one pixel high panning window, so fvwm waits
the configured 500 ms and then switches pages to 0 0 although
neither the window nor the pointer have ever moved.

2) Even worse, _because_ nothing has moved, the window ist still
completely on page 0 1.  Not a single pixel is visible.

Overall, the implementation of paging is annoying, and Ive no idea
how to fix it.


Dominik ^_^  ^_^


Dominik Vogt

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