On Sun, Nov 14, 2021 at 03:35:12PM +0000, Thomas Adam wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 14, 2021 at 01:55:32PM +0100, Dominik Vogt wrote:
> > 1) Because the pointer is at the top of the screen, it's
> > immediately in the one pixel high panning window, so fvwm waits
> > the configured 500 ms and then switches pages to 0 0 although
> > neither the window nor the pointer have ever moved.
> >
> > 2) Even worse, _because_ nothing has moved, the window ist still
> > completely on page 0 1.  Not a single pixel is visible.
> >
> > Overall, the implementation of paging is annoying, and Ive no idea
> > how to fix it.
> Presumably, the point here is to not do anything until the pointer has
> moved, even if it is already in the panframe window?

It's not so simple.  It also happens when you just move the window
horizontally along the screen edge and pause for too long*.  Sounds
silly, but it can happen when you need to rearrange fingers on a
trackball or pick up the mouse because it has move off the mouse

 *In ancient time page flipping would also trigger _while_ moving
  the window horizontally.  So I changed that to reset the timer
  when the pointer moves.  The drawback is that you now have to
  stop the pointer completely to trigger paging.

I'd really like to get rid of switching pages while the window
stays completely on the previous page.  But X11 does not report
mouse movement when the pointer hits the screen edge, so the code
cannot know in which direction the mouse is actually being moved.
With that information one could define a movement angle that
allows paging, and lateral movement +/- some angle would not do

Current situation for me:  At least 90% of all paging situations
are accidents.

Maybe that feature ist just crap and we need a different mechanism
to trigger paging.  Like holding down Shift while moving etc.


Dominik ^_^  ^_^


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