On Mon, Nov 15, 2021 at 01:36:15AM +0100, Dominik Vogt wrote:
> While we're at it, much of the markup could be removed.  The
> manpage is partially unreadable because too many words have markup
> (especially for the style command).

Yeah.  I suspect this is a holdover from when the original man page was in raw
Groff format, where such markup was quite common, and that's carried over from
Dockbook -> Asciidoc.

> (Also, the Style docuementation should possibly be put in a
> separate manpage.  The monolithic manpage is intimidatingly large.
> Even I am reluctant to use it.  Maybe like the zsh manpages: One
> manpage per larger topic, and if you really insist on an ugly big
> one, there's also "man fvwmall".  Should be generated from a
> single source though.)

That's now significantly easier thanks to Asciidoc being in use, I agree --
and it's a subject which has come up over the years.  I like the idea -- and
we can definitely start with styles.  As you say, that's the bigger area of
documentation.  I've also never been a fan of styles being documented like this:

    Foo / Bar / Baz

Where the last one in the group (Bqz, in this case) is meant to be the
default.  I suspect that convention hasn't been honoured properly for years,
and we can certainly regroup these things to make it mor readable.

> > I think it's best to try and keep line length to <=80 characters
> Sounds good.  If we could add the emacs config for that at the
> start of the file that would help.  (Just press alt-q to reformat
> a block.)

I've been trying to move away from that convention in favour of using


There's already a .editorconfig file in the top-level git repo.  We could add
the relevant section for .adoc files and then that would also apply to Vim as
well (which is what I use).


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