On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 9:31 PM, Brian <bvamund...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I sometimes have more than seven items which want to place an icon
> image in the stalonetray.  However the tray will only show seven icons
> in the 120 column width of the right panel. Using the standard
> Right-panel how would one change the stalonetray to a second row of
> icons?  Is it simply a matter of changing
> $[FVWM_DATADIR]/default-config/.stalonetrayrc
> Max geometry to 6 x 2 or is it more complicated?

You would need to add space for stalonetray in FvwmButtons and take
away space from another piece, such as FvwmIconMan. So you would have
to change the geometry from 120x20 to 120x40 for the stalonetray
button. But then you'll have to take 20 pixels way from FvwmIconMan
button, so you would need to change the dynamic computation from
120x$(($[vp.height]-205)) to 120x$(($[vp.height]-225)).

Next I wouldn't edit the installed version of .stalonetrayrc, instead
copy the .stalonetrayrc to $HOME, update the RightPanel config to use
your custom configuration file.

Here is some more info that may help you if you want to edit the
RightPanel some more than just that.



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