On Thu, Sep 3, 2020 at 5:28 AM Martin Cermak <marti...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On  Thu  2020-09-03  09:49 , Dominik Vogt wrote:
> > On Thu, Sep 03, 2020 at 02:06:10AM +0100, Thomas Adam wrote:
> > > Well, we did it.  Version 1.0.0 of Fvwm3 is now live and ready to be
> > > installed.
> >
> > Um, can we call that fvwm-3.0.0 instead of fvwm3-1.0.0 please?
> > Renaming the project because of a new major version was already a
> > mistake for fvwm-2.0.0.  No reason to repeat it now.
> ( I was just thinking of creating a brand new package for fedora
> providing /usr/bin/fvwm3 able to coexist with /usr/bin/fvwm2 from
> the existing package.  Might this make sense from the user
> perspective?  Not sure ... )

I am trying to make a Debian package that lives side by side as well.
For many years, Debian's package renames the main binary from fvwm to
fvwm2 so fvwm1 and fvwm2 installable side by side, then uses their
alternative system to allow fvwm to point to either fvwm1 or fvwm2. It
would be nice to add fvwm3 to the list, and all three can be

I also see fvwm2 being used for quite a while even as fvwm3 matures.
It may not get updates, but I suspect (partly because it had one
recently) it will receive bug fixes to keep it buildable and usable
for the users who just want to stick to fvwm2, since as mentioned
there are still people maintaining (and I assume using) fvwm1. So
having it seperate may not be the issue it was at the last transition,
as after 20 years times have changed.

Creating two packages that live side by side is a far greater
challenge than initially anticipated. First there are a lot of other
binaries such as fvwm-root, fvwm-config, fvwm-menu-desktop, that would
conflict, and though the --program-{prefix,suffix,transform-name} can
rename the binaries, this isn't the only conflict. The manpages for
all the common modules conflict and so does the translations/locales.
And none of these are affected by the --program-foo options.

I was thinking of maybe some fvwm-common package that would host the
manpages and locales, but even this isn't doable since there is
already differences in the modules in fvwm2 and fvwm3, mostly it is
the modules that are available, but FvwmPager has already received
some changes in options for the RandR per monitor setup.

Currently, I'm just gonna to go with fvwm3 conflicts with fvwm2 and
only one of those can be installed at a time.

All in all it is nice to see something new, and hope that even after
quartiteen there is still enough time and effort to see where it


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