> Maybe you could try to figure out some reproducable instructions
> to make that happen (preferrably with a minimal config). 

Yes, let me try this.

> Have you tried using multiple pages?  For example, I use six (2x3)

I started with 2x3 and I'm now at 2x4. The clutter usually happens because I 
have, on one page: a terminal, an Emacs window for writing LaTeX, the output in 
a pdf viewer, and a bunch of other pdf files that constitute source material 
for my slides / notes.

Thanks for many useful tips. I'm definitely going to include some of these in 
my .fvwm2rc.

> > Idle curiosity: do you use ipe too? Nice to discover such
> > commonalities in an unrelated list.
> No, sorry that I fooled you; i just instlled it to see what it's
> doing.

Wow, thanks for taking so much trouble! Thanks again for your time and all the 


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