Dov Grobgeld wrote:
> Hello,
> In recent Gnome applications, e.g. gthumb, evince, eog, there has been
> a trend to remove the window manager border and title and do these
> "internally" in the application. I have been looking for a gnome way
> of turning off this behavior as it seriously destroys my work flow,
> and after failing to do so, I tried to make my prefered window manager
> the last twenty years, fvwm, block these requests, but so far without
> any success.
> I have tried the following configuration parameters:
> Style "*"           GNOMEIgnoreHints
> Style "*"           Title,Handles
> But unfortunately these are ignored for the gnome windows that still
> end up with the following properties as can be seen by fvwm identify:
> Boundary Width: 0
> NoTitle: Yes
> Why are these requests ignored? Is there any other property that can
> be used to force the title and the handles? If not, could someone
> point me to the sources where this request is received and how it is
> handled, and where I could block it?
> Thanks!
> Dov


I don't know if this helps you or other FVWM users, and I don't
know how sustainable my solution really is, but...

... some weeks ago, I set up a new productive environment based
on Debian Wheezy (Jessie was not stable yet back then).

I too use some tools from KDE and Gnome such as 'konqueror',
'ksnapshot' or 'gedit'.

When using 'gedit' on my FVWM based desktop, I noticed strange
behavior: The current tab looks exactly like all other tabs
(so I cannot optically find out wich one is active) and the
title bar is not updated correctly by 'gedit'.

My solution is:
- I strictly do not use tools from KDE4 and Gnome.
- Instead, I installed Trinity (the fork of KDE3)
  and MATE (the fork of Gnome 2)

So my tools are now 'konqueror' / 'ksnapshot' from Trinity
and the name of my 2nd editor is 'pluma' now instead of 'gedit'.

The result: Everything works fine (insofar as one can expect from
a thoroughly tailored VNC environment - working with xvnc4viewer).

I don't know which nasty surprises I will expect when I will
setup my first Debian Jessie environment with the
same strategy, but with Wheezy, I just got away with that,
particularly also because I do not need some really new
features of the tools I use from Trinity and MATE and
because I can be sure that the forks are maintained to some
degree (regarding security aspects and so on) by their
respective maintainers.

So, try looking whether MATE provides all you need from
Gnome, and perhaps you will be happy for the next few years.

Greetings from Germany,

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