There are some desktop applications like evince and gThumb that either
don't exist in mate or are not up-to-date. I therefore prefer using
the latest gnome apps.

Meanwhile I have improved my patch to decorations.c (after realizing
that the resource name is available through the FvwmWindow pointer!)
so it is a bit better as it at black lists on the application name and
not its title:

    // Ugly work around to force border width and
    // title on some gnome applications.
    if (strcmp(t->class.res_name,"eog")==0
        || strcmp(t->class.res_name,"evince")==0
        || strcmp(t->class.res_name,"nautilus")==0
        || strcmp(t->class.res_name,"gthumb")==0
          decor = -1;

I still hope to figure out why the style settings do not provide the
same functionality.


On Tue, Jun 9, 2015 at 5:45 AM, Michael Großer <> wrote:
> Dov Grobgeld wrote:
>> Hello,
>> In recent Gnome applications, e.g. gthumb, evince, eog, there has been
>> a trend to remove the window manager border and title and do these
>> "internally" in the application. I have been looking for a gnome way
>> of turning off this behavior as it seriously destroys my work flow,
>> and after failing to do so, I tried to make my prefered window manager
>> the last twenty years, fvwm, block these requests, but so far without
>> any success.
>> I have tried the following configuration parameters:
>> Style "*"           GNOMEIgnoreHints
>> Style "*"           Title,Handles
>> But unfortunately these are ignored for the gnome windows that still
>> end up with the following properties as can be seen by fvwm identify:
>> Boundary Width: 0
>> NoTitle: Yes
>> Why are these requests ignored? Is there any other property that can
>> be used to force the title and the handles? If not, could someone
>> point me to the sources where this request is received and how it is
>> handled, and where I could block it?
>> Thanks!
>> Dov
> Hi!
> I don't know if this helps you or other FVWM users, and I don't
> know how sustainable my solution really is, but...
> ... some weeks ago, I set up a new productive environment based
> on Debian Wheezy (Jessie was not stable yet back then).
> I too use some tools from KDE and Gnome such as 'konqueror',
> 'ksnapshot' or 'gedit'.
> When using 'gedit' on my FVWM based desktop, I noticed strange
> behavior: The current tab looks exactly like all other tabs
> (so I cannot optically find out wich one is active) and the
> title bar is not updated correctly by 'gedit'.
> My solution is:
> - I strictly do not use tools from KDE4 and Gnome.
> - Instead, I installed Trinity (the fork of KDE3)
>   and MATE (the fork of Gnome 2)
> So my tools are now 'konqueror' / 'ksnapshot' from Trinity
> and the name of my 2nd editor is 'pluma' now instead of 'gedit'.
> The result: Everything works fine (insofar as one can expect from
> a thoroughly tailored VNC environment - working with xvnc4viewer).
> I don't know which nasty surprises I will expect when I will
> setup my first Debian Jessie environment with the
> same strategy, but with Wheezy, I just got away with that,
> particularly also because I do not need some really new
> features of the tools I use from Trinity and MATE and
> because I can be sure that the forks are maintained to some
> degree (regarding security aspects and so on) by their
> respective maintainers.
> So, try looking whether MATE provides all you need from
> Gnome, and perhaps you will be happy for the next few years.
> Greetings from Germany,
> Michael

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