As I reported some years earlier, the FVWM pager crashes
sometimes (say, it disappears sporadically when I switch

To fix this, my FVWM config has this code since Debian Wheezy:

> AddToFunc StartFunction
> + I Schedule Periodic 2000 crashGuardPager
> DestroyFunc crashGuardPager
> AddToFunc crashGuardPager
> + I All ("minipager") Nop
> + I TestRc (NoMatch) crashHandlerPager
> DestroyFunc crashHandlerPager
> AddToFunc crashHandlerPager
> + I paintMinipager

Every time the pager disappears, this code
automatically creates a new one within 2 seconds
(by letting the function 'paintMinipager' doing
this job).

So far, so good.

Now, my Xen based virtual Debian Wheezy VNC machine with
FVWM 2.5.30 has an uptime of 13 days and 7 hours, and once
again, the pager disappeared. I waited, but it didn't reappear.

I had to restart FVWM to fix the problem. After the
restart, the pager reappeared whenever I manually killed it.

The command
> + I Schedule Periodic 2000 crashGuardPager
must have ceased its work somehow.

My questions:

- Is it a known issue that the Schedule Periodic command
  ceases its work after some hours or days?

- Did anybody fix this issue for an FVWM version newer
  than 2.5.30?

- Has anybody an idea what I can do to keep this periodic schedule

- Is it worth a trial to write a second periodic schedule that
  checks every 24 hours whether the original periodic schedule
  is still alive?

If no ideas come in, I will just try the 24 hour hack or something
else. I'm just optimistic and ask before I become active...

Best regards,

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