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> Betreff: Re: Aw: Re: FVWM: Schedule Periodic ceases working after some days
> michael.gros...@gmx.de writes:
> > The last time I tried to replace the Debian packaged FVWM version
> > by a downloaded one was in March 2013,
> I don't know what a Debian menu looks like, but current Fvwm has
> fvwm-menu-desktop which is a menu built from the XDG menu files
> on your system.
> Very likely the menu fvwm-menu-desktop generates is identical
> to your Debian menu.

I will give it a try with Jessie. It can take some months, but when
this topic has focus, I can give feedback.

After all, FVWM is such an important part that it could be a good
idea to not choose the packaged version but a recent one directly
from upstream.

- Michael -

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