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> Dan Espen <des...@verizon.net> writes:
>> lee <l...@yagibdah.de> writes:
>>> Hi,
>>> what could be the reason for fvwm showing its kill icon on startup and
>>> when restarting?
>> Do you mean kill cursor?
> I guess so --- it's some icon which is probably supposed to look like a
> skull with bones under it.  I vaguely remember having seen that
> somewhere many years ago, and this icon reminds me of it.
>>> It seems to do that since after I made some change to the configuration,
>>> and I don't remember what that change was.  When it first happened, I
>>> thought "ok, it's been restarted like so often and might be confused and
>>> this will go away on a fresh start" --- but it didn't.
>>> The configuration is here: https://github.com/lee-/fvwm
>> Somewhere in there you're issuing a Delete or Destroy not in a window
>> context.
> "not in a window context"?  I'm only destroying functions ... Oh, I
> found it!  I used "Destroy" where I should have put "DestroyFunc".

Glad to hear.

I think you have "not in a window context" figured out.

A title bar button has a window context, a destroy on a window button
"knows" which window to destroy.

A root window key binding for destroy doesn't know which window to
destroy (there is no window context), so fvwm changes the mouse pointer
to the skull you saw waiting for a click on a window to know which
window to destroy.

Dan Espen

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