Philippe "BooK" Bruhat writes:

> Le lundi 10 juillet 2006 à 12:09, Jose Castro écrivait:
> > Indeed... it *is* a container! You put things inside it!
> > 
> > I still prefer "Supermarket Trolley",

Ditto.  There's more variety as to what you might put inside it.

> > but "babycart" transmits the idea that what you put inside is
> > fragile and simple...

It only does that if you've heard the term before.  I hadn't heard of it
before this thread, and I'm a native English speaker.  My initial guess
was that it's some kind of small cart, but I now gather it's an
alternative term for a pushchair, or perhaps for a pram.

Either way Google suggests "babycart" isn't that commonly used -- number
of hits listed for each of these phrases:

  babycart        18_100
  "baby cart"     75_500
  pushchair      739_000
  pram         4_440_000

And picking a less-commonly used term doesn't seem a great idea.

> With half the number of syllabes, babycart is much faster to say

"babycart" is 3 syllables; "shopping trolley" is only 4 -- and again
Google agress with me that in English "shopping trolley" is a more usual
phrase than "supermarket trolley":

  "supermarket trolley"     72_800
  "shopping trolley"     1_330_000


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