At 11:45 AM -0700 2/12/2011, Bruce Johnson wrote:
On Feb 12, 2011, at 11:11 AM, Dan Ziegler wrote:
 > Hello there,
 I have a question: I would like to run a DHCP server on an iMac
 running Leopard 10.5. I have tried building the ISC source code (I
 have Developer Tools installed) but it fails with errors.

What are the errors? Everything I've read suggests that OS X is a known target in the compile configuration. Look out for spaces in directory paths and suchlike.

 Does anyone
 have any experience building/running a DHCP server? Are there binaries
 somewhere for OS X? I don't want to have to install DarwinPorts.

Darwin ports is probably the best way to do things like this; since it installs everything in it's own /opt/ directory, so OS X system upgrades don't stomp on it. Apple's updates have a nasty tendency to be a process like 'delete the existing /etc directory replace it with the one from the update'.

I'm not running dhcp on OS X but I am using it to run a mysql dbms and it works like a charm.

Um, why not just use the dhcp service built-in? That's what the internet sharing is all about - it adds a couple of routes to the ip stack and runs dhcp.

If you need something more sophisticated, there's IPNetRouter.

- Dan.
- Psychoceramic Emeritus; South Jersey, USA, Earth.

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