Yes I did both the ./configure and make steps. The build directory is
"/ort/dhcp-4.2.0-P2" . I'm not sure what the errors mean it's throwing-
should I post them?
I'm not using Internet Sharing because I'm not multihomed - is there a
way to use it on the same interface?

On Feb 13, 12:35 am, Clark Martin <> wrote:
> On Feb 12, 2011, at 10:11 AM, Dan Ziegler wrote:
> > Hello there,
> > I have a question: I would like to run a DHCP server on an iMac
> > running Leopard 10.5. I have tried building the ISC source code (I
> > have Developer Tools installed) but it fails with errors. Does anyone
> > have any experience building/running a DHCP server? Are there binaries
> > somewhere for OS X? I don't want to have to install DarwinPorts.
> Hmm, it's been a while but I compiled and installed it without any difficulty 
> (IIRC).  I did it on Tiger though.  
> You did both the "./configure" and "make" steps right?
> Darwin Ports isn't that big a deal, I have it and MacPorts installed on some 
> machines and they mostly work well.  
> Assuming you get it installed you might want to consider WebMin for setting 
> it up.  I have both DHCP and BIND installed on my server and use WebMin to 
> configure them.  It works very well.  
> The other thing I did was set up /Library/StartupItems entries for both so 
> they'd start at boot time.
> Clark Martin
> Redwood City, CA, USA
> Macintosh / Internet Consulting
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