On Tue, Apr 26, 2011 at 10:30 AM, Yersinia <yersi...@myfairpoint.net> wrote:
> ... having "open" wi-fi didn't bother me at all (until recently), my wi-fi is 
> still
> unlocked because I don't know frickin HOW to lock it up.

Ignorance can truly be bliss, no doubt. As for HOW to lock it up, I'm
sure you would get guidance about that her if you just ask. But I
suggest you start a new thread if decided to do that ... and I DO
suggest you secure your network. It would help to know the make and
model number of your router if you do ask for help.

Basically, doing it by hand requires two steps, less or more. (1)
Enter and activate a password on your router and (2) go around to your
devices which use Wi-Fi and reaccess your now protected network by
entering the password on the router.  As for Wi-Fi passwords, I tend
to go overboard and use a 63 byte psuedo-random one generated by this

My way of saying to world, "Hack THAT, sucker!" Most people probably
just use the name of one of their pets or children. <sigh> The
important thing is to use WPA2 or at least WPA and not use WEP. Using
WEP is a lot like locking the screen door to prevent access to your
house. It's more of suggestion to "keep out" than a true security
measure at this point.

As for the child porn story, I first saw a version of it as an NBC
news piece. It is still viewable for the cost of an annoying
commercial on the MSNBC web site:

I would think that some of the folks on this list would find this
version of the tale interesting if for no other reason than it
exploits the infamous Pringle's can Wi-Fi antenna. It wasn't any of
this idiot's immediate neighbors. He lived in a hi-rise near/on the
water front and the guy stealing his network was on a boat a football
field or two away. But it was a completely clear line-of-site to the
victim's apartment.

The only thing worse than not securing your network is the poor folks
who THINK they've secured it but are using WEP. To my understanding
WEP is getting to be so laughably easy to hack that I would expect it
to be the next easiest way to steal Wi-Fi.

I predict that a few percent of the general public (at most) will
FINALLY take notice of this and try to secure their Wi-Fi after this
story is woven in as a sub-plot on one of the TV police procedurals.
Probably one of the CSI series, but I could see it on NCIS or Bones or
whatever too.

-irrational john

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