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To cut a long story short, I'd like to try to get my Dazzle* Hollywood DV 
bridge working and the only Mac likely to work with it is my old B&W G3 

Unfortunately the built-in Firewire ports no longer work (a common issue on 
this model I believe). Even after replacing the FW module no external devices 
are recognized in OSX Tiger or MacOS 9.2.2/8.6 so I suspect the TI chip on the 
motherboard has gone.

Does anybody know if the generic PCI FW cards work with PowerPC Macs? There 
seem to be quite a lot of different models available on Amazon but I can only 
see one that says it works with Macs and it doesn't mention OS compatibility. 
The reviews are all from Windows users.

Yes, any PCI FW 400 card will work on a PCI Mac; it’s a very standardized 
standard (and partly written by Apple to boot).

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College of Pharmacy
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