Angus MacLeod wrote:
> By the way, "math" should not be lenited here.

         Blast.  I make that same mistake over and over again.  Old
dog--new tricks--something like that, I fear.

> >    Tha ceisd agam oirbh (dhuibh?)
> Bhitheadh "dhuibh" ceart.Would-be "dhuibh" correct.
> "Dhuibh" would be right. ( " for you" )
> Chanainn: Coinnichidh sinn gach darna seachdainn.I-would-say: Will-meet we
> each second week.
> I would say:

Mile taing, Aonghais.  That's exactly what I wanted.  

Leslie Gadallah, Calgary, Canada-----

         'Se 'n geamhradh luath an geamhradh buan.
             The early winter is a long winter.--Gaelic proverb
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