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Submitted By: dpheasant (dpheasant)
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Summary: Per Network Status/Away Message

Initial Comment:
I use gaim a) becuse is is OSS :) and b) because of its ability to connect to 
multiple networks and show them in a single (small) window. I love the new 2.0 
beta 5 version and am using it on my work laptop. This brings me to my request. 
At work we use MSN for short quick communication. Personally, I use AIM and 
google talk for contacting my friends. There are times where it would be nice 
to set an away message for the AIM and Google/Jabber protocols, but still be 
seen as online by MSN. Is there any possibility to add functionality to Gaim 
that will allow a per network/protocol away message to be set?

Thanks for all your hard work!



Comment By: DBDigital (dbdigital)
Date: 2007-02-07 13:14

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Yes you can currently do this via a saved status.  RIght click on your
Gaim icon, select chaange status then select New.  Click the + for "use
different status for each account then put a check mark near each account
you want to have a custom status for and when you click the checkmark it
will bring up another box where you can fill in a custom away message for
that account.  Then save your new status.  I use this to make some accounts
invisible others away, and some available, all with different messages.


Comment By: Sadrul Habib Chowdhury (sadrul)
Date: 2007-01-14 15:20

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You can create custom status-messages by selecting 'New...' from the
status selector in the buddylist. In the new-status dialog, expand 'use a
different message for some accounts' and set some accounts to a different

depending on your needs, you can also find the mystatusbox plugin from
Guifications' plugin pack.


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