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Submitted By: Jason Haar (jhaar)
Assigned to: Thomas Butter (tbutter)
Summary: Anyone looking at supporting Microsoft LCS?

Initial Comment:
We're just moving over onto an intranet LCS server, and
poor old Unix me is going to be locked out - unless my
favorite IM client figures out a way of talking to it :-)

I'm pretty experienced with Ethereal, and the native
LCS client appears to be doing something like the MSN
protocol - but it only supports NTLM and Kerberos
authentication (no Basic) - so that's a new area for
gaim already :-(

If any developer wants to pick this up - I'll be glad
to be your "eyes" on a live client/network...?



Comment By: FixXxeR (aavelar)
Date: 2007-04-08 02:24

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I did a Gaim Plugin for you can to connect to LCS.

Please check this article on my blog:

And the tarball is here:

Please, remember. It works fine on my network. I unknown if it works in
other enviroments (other LCS configurations).

I based my work on the initial version from Thomas Butter's SIP/Simple on
gaim-2beta3.1, that version just lets you authenticated but somebody
modified the code. For that, I toke the original code and created a new
Plug-In called SIP-E (Sip Exchange). The code has to be modified (from the
original SIP Protocol) to work with Live Communications Server (like
MESSAGE and NOTIFY methods). MSN modified the standard SIP. But using
reverse engineer and one sniffer I broke it. :P

Many features are necessary, but I release this first version.



Sorry, my bad english, I'm not a english native.


Comment By: Mark Doliner (thekingant)
Date: 2007-02-10 19:47

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We're tracking MS LCS support in bug #1384616


Comment By: pp_mad (pp_mad)
Date: 2007-01-10 08:19

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interoperability with LCS will be great.

To do so, developer needs to add SIP extensions to connect to LCS.
You can find it at (all are free, but you must ask for it):


Live Communications Server (LCS) Protocol Extensions
The definition of a set of SIP headers and other protocol extensions that
are used within the Microsoft RTC applications to facilitate an enhanced
user experience. These protocol extensions are required to register a
client with Microsoft Office Live Communications Server and to establish a
SIP session. Partners can use these protocols to enhance the base IM
experience in RTC applications by integrating additional features such as
archiving and virus protection. Deliverables include documentation and XML
schema files"

and more SIP protocol extension  for PSTN integration and


Comment By: Jason Haar (jhaar)
Date: 2007-01-07 12:52

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I just want to provide some feedback that I have still never got LCS to

When I connect using Gaim-2.00.beta5 to our LCS server as
"[EMAIL PROTECTED]" or "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" (which is what our Windows
users use) I get a "bad password" error.

Looking in the EventLogs on the LCS server shows me failing to
authenticate as account "i" in domain "a"!!! Sounds like a totally broken
NTLM/Kerberos library to me?

Wireshark shows all sorts of gssapi stuff - trying to authenticate - but
resolving my account details to "a/i" really shows it to be broken.


Comment By: Thomas Butter (tbutter)
Date: 2006-02-07 23:55

Logged In: YES 

in CVS HEAD connecting to LCS (with NTLM), sending messages
to other users and presence works.

receiving messages from windows messenger users over LCS
does not work at the moment.


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