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Submitted By: Daniel Patterson (killfire)
Assigned to: Mark Doliner (thekingant)
Summary: Direct Connect (AIM) w/o need of Oscar Servers

Initial Comment:
Direct connect works for me, however, there is an 
aspect of it that is faulty. 

A little background: I am on a  local network, which is 
up all the time. However, connections to the outside 
world are cut off at a certain time every night, and 
are not opened until the next morning. 

People using AOLs client have a simple way around this: 
direct connecting before this connection is cut, and 
then since it is only a connection between one local 
computer to another, all is well. 

With GAIM, this does not work, as once it can not 
connect to the Oscar Servers, it (in versions prior to 
2.0.0/cvs) greys out all the buttons, so messages can 
not be sent anymore. In version 2.0.0, the buttons are 
no longer existent, but the enter button does nothing, 
no message is sent. 

So essentially the fix would be this: for AIM messages 
that are direct connected, keep them active regardless 
of the status of the oscar servers. While this may seem 
useless for most people, it seems ridiculous not to 
have, as the entire point of direct connecting is to 
not need oscar servers, and this essentially ties them 

If someone who is more familiar with the code base can 
point in the right direction, I might be able to fix 
some of it myself, but I am busy with school, so I dont 
have enough time to probably figure it out entirely by 

The main thing that I believe would need to be changed 
A) tie usernames to IPs when direct connected; it 
usually works for a few minutes after the internet cuts 
(because gaim doesnt realize oscar is not reachable) 
but it doesnt connect the IPs with usernames; people 
who are using AOLs client can send me messages, but its 
from "?" or nothing at all, and then it stops working 
and I cant send messages back. This seems not too 
complicated to be implemented.
B) set some other status for Direct connected people, 
maybe have it act like a different protocol, I dont 
know exactly how it would be simplest to acomplish, but 
make it so what is done to normal AIM messages is not 
done, allow the messages to continue to be sent.

I will be happy to help out/test anything that is done 
for this, and would very much appreciate it if this was 



Comment By: Luke Schierer (lschiere)
Date: 2007-04-11 13:03

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