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Submitted By: Erica Andrews (phrozensmoke2)
Assigned to: Tim Ringenbach (marv_sf)
Summary: Voice & Webcam Chat for Yahoo BADLY needed

Initial Comment:
Since the makers of the official Yahoo! client for linux refuse to take the 
time to implement linux support for Yahoo's Voice chat and WebCam chat, I think 
Gaim should step up and do it.  Gaim is great for basic 'boring' IMs, but 
rather than focus on prettying up the user interface (as the new Gtk 2 port 
does) and making sure all 'emoticons' are accounted for, why not focus on 
implementing REAL communication features.  How about some VOICE chat and WEBCAM 
support for the Yahoo protocol?  What was V4L created for if the only project 
that makes any real 'internet' use of V4L is GnomeMeeting?  It's a shame that 
all that work was put into creating V4L and yet nobody really uses it for any 
real internet applications  (No offense to GnomeMeeting, but 'netmeeting' is no 
longer cutting-edge video conferencing, Yahoo! is.)  Gaim is great, but I still 
find myself having to dual-boot back onto Windows in order to use the 'real' 
Yahoo features like voice chat and web cam chat.  I would l
 ike to END my reliance on Windows completely, so please implement these 
features, so I can stop having to tell my friends "um, sorry, I can't do 
voice chat...I'm on linux."  Right now, the only thing I can really use 
Gaim for on Yahoo! is telling my friends "give me a few minutes while I 
boot up Windows, then I can use my  mic and cam.", and that REALLY sucks.  
 Also, what about support for yahoo chat rooms (like the GYach project) but 
maybe with the voice chat support.  Yahoo chat rooms are only good with the 
voice chat.


Comment By: Luke Schierer (lschiere)
Date: 2007-04-17 15:42

Logged In: YES 
Originator: NO

As we are closing this tracker, please submit any feature request that is
still valid to http://developer.pidgin.im.  Thanks. 


Comment By: XB-70 (xb-70)
Date: 2006-01-16 13:18

Logged In: YES 

I note that Gaim Video and Voice Support will be back-ported
to Gaim.  It would be nice to get the occasional update on
the status of this feature request because it may well be
the deal-breaker for a lot of dual-boot users.  I like the
idea of at least getting viewing and listening going and
moving forward from there.

Gaim is FABULOUS!  I love how easily I can use it.  Tabbed
chatting makes 'bots much less of a nuisance.


Comment By: FMasi (fmasi)
Date: 2004-03-29 17:48

Logged In: YES 

There is nothing more to say i agree more then 110% rtealy
nead video and voice feature on gaim. the olnly thing i have
to add is that it will be good to have it in msn too. Pleas
do it or tel me where tu find it if there is eny place i can
find it.


Comment By: Tim Ringenbach (marv_sf)
Date: 2004-02-17 21:15

Logged In: YES 

I already wrote a patch for yahoo webcam viewing. It's in
the patch tracker. It's been there for a while. It still
isn't really finished, but it works for the most part. It's
currently viewing only.

Apparently yahoo uses a patented codec for voice, so don't
expect to see voice support any time soon. Note that voice
isn't available for the mac either. Perhaps if they ever do
it for mac or linux, they'll introduced another codec that
we can use.


Comment By: alan johnson (chomo)
Date: 2004-02-15 18:58

Logged In: YES 

might do some good


Comment By: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Date: 2003-08-06 09:22

Logged In: NO 

I would really like to see Yahoo! webcam-viewing 
support happen in GAIM also, anyone know if it's being 
worked on?


Comment By: Mark W. Kropf (djspark)
Date: 2003-06-22 03:07

Logged In: YES 

Is this feature on any sort roadmap? The yahoo webcam
protocol is super easy... I could write this easily for a
win32 plugin... 



Comment By: Rescue9 (rescue9)
Date: 2003-05-19 23:33

Logged In: YES 

I must say I have to agree with roguestar191. I love my
gaim, have been using cvs's for quite some time now, love
helping others learn to use gaim, and have even started
helping on the documentation project for gaim. However, if
Ayttm comes out with webcam support I will have to seriously
consider using it. I am very monogamous with my applications
though. I like one and tend to stick with it over anything
else. I would rather not switch.

Please implement webcam support.


Comment By: Matthew (roguestar191)
Date: 2003-05-19 23:00

Logged In: YES 

this would be excellent to see. Ayttm is planning on
introducing Yahoo video and voice support in it's next
release (Ayttm is the "hier" to Everybuddy). I love Gaim,
because it's stable, supports many protocols, mulitple
logins on the same protocal (MSN), is very eye pleasing, and
that only scratches the surface. But if Ayttm comes out with
Yahoo video/voice support first, I'm going to switch over.
Someone needs to do it, why not you? 


Comment By: Rescue9 (rescue9)
Date: 2003-05-04 18:56

Logged In: YES 

I agree %110!  I was one of the first ones to request V4L
support in the original Linux version of !YMessenger. I
still haven't seen it, nor do I plan on seeing it anytime in
the near future. I LOVE my gaim. I use it exclusively now. I
also hate booting up into windows and have resigned myself
to the fact that I simply won't do it. If it comes down to
NEEDING to chat with a business partner via Video and Voice,
then I may change my outlook, but as it stands now, I simply
refuse to boot into windoze every day simply to use voice
and video.

I, however, would like to see this project implemented in a
very systematic fashion to limit the tremendous amount of
work required to see such a project take place. I would
suggest that a serious of steps be followed so as not to
everwelm the developement crew during this process.

1. Implement VIEWING ONLY of other peoples web cams in gaim.
Since this only relies on the datastream comming down to the
client and not on any hardware reqirements, aka different
crap in everyone's machine, it should be fairly simple to
implement this feature.

2. Implement LISTENING ONLY of other peoples voice stream. I
understand that this may seem out of place, afterall what
good is listening to someone if you can't effectively
communicate back to them. However, as stated above, only the
datastream to the client is needed to implement this feature.

3. Work the BUGS out of the first 2. If there are inherant
bugs in the first 2 then they may naturally spill over into
4 & 5, thus creating a virtual paradox where changing
something in one may basically require a complete rewrite of
the others.

4. Implement SENDING VIDEO. 
5. Implement SENDING VOICE.

4 & 5 are more complex due to the hardware aspect of things.
Different hardware, different drivers, different etc. Not
only is this project achievable, but I believe it may be
easier if steps are followed to keep developers from
drowning in code.


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