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By: deryni9

Almost nothing of value has been removed.

Accounts by default all use the global status, that is correct, but you can
now create any arbitrarily complex status with any account in any status, and
save it for use later. Play with the New and Saved dialogs and you'll see. 
which was impossible in 1.5.0.)

Auto-login is not gone. It has in fact become much closer to what most people
want. gaim will start up in the status it was in when you quit gaim last, if
you don't want that they you can pick a status for gaim to start up in in the
preferences. (Both of which were impossible in 1.5.0.)

The buttons in the IM windows were removed because they took up a large amount
of space and were rarely used, if you have an action that you use that 
and don't want to use the menu item then set up keyboard shortcuts to the menu
items and use those. (Which is likely faster for most actions anyway.)

That icon was removed from the buddy list because it was decided that it wasn't
important enough, the information is still in the tooltip if you need it. It
conveys no actually useful information, and certainly not anything useful enough
to warrant being constantly displayed in the buddy list. If you find yourself
caring that much about whether someone has you in their buddy list perhaps you
should think about why you care so much and find a way to not need that sort
of validation so badly.

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